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Take a look at what we’ve got here today! Do you need some bright spots on your desk? What about changing your desk mat? Ok, what about changing your big PC to the smallest in the world? Pop some corn and watch till the end! Those who’ll watch the video till the end, can take part in our giveaway and win one of the gadgets from this video!

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Tablet and Laptop Riser: https://amzn.to/2T32Gir
01:12 Eisbecher Helix Light Cooler: https://geni.us/EisbecherHelixLight
01:51 Alphacool Water Cooling Reservoir: https://geni.us/AlphacoolEisball
02:01 Eisblock XPX Aurora Сooler: https://geni.us/EisblockXPXAurora
02:15 Orbitkey Desk Mat: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/orbitkey-desk-mat-not-just-your-average-desk-mat#/
https://geni.us/DeskMat (Amazon alternatives)
02:59 Chuwi mini PC: https://geni.us/CHUWILarkBox
03:43 Mokibo Touchpad Keyboard: https://www.mokibo.com https://geni.us/KeyboardTouchpad (alternative)
04:31 Foot Motion Controller: https://geni.us/FootMotionController
05:08 Corsair Smart Lighting Tower: https://geni.us/SmartLightingTowers
05:42 Mouse with laser point: https://racemouse-clicktap.kckb.st/9d2658c6
06:22 Azza Pyramid PC case: https://geni.us/AZZAPyramid
07:02 Leviathan PC: https://www.cmodx.com/products/leviathan-1
07:49 Cooler Master MasterBox: https://www.cmws.global/post/q300p-gemini
08:29 Reservoir Combo: https://geni.us/ReservoirCombo

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you click on links to various merchants on this channel and make a purchase, this can result in this channel earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

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If the video collects 1000 likes before the next video, we’ll announce the winner.
Good luck everyone!

Be sure to open access to subscriptions on your channel https://www.youtube.com/account_privacy, so that we could check whether the conditions of the giveaway are met. If the access is closed, the participant cannot become the winner and the prize goes to the next applicant who has fulfilled all the conditions of the giveaway.

On the #YouFact #Tech channel, we speak about cool #gadgets for your room, home, #pc and car that you can buy on #Amazon. We find the most interesting #accessories and #coolthings for you and show them three times a week on our channel.
Devoid : I can't even afford a good PC and I'm watching this :>
DeTz Ather 193 : So did i
Alexandru Pessy : O M G :OOOOO
Ivaylo Penkov : The shark case is just amazing!
Gospel Gamer : iam here for shark pc
MR KILLER : Helpful video
Thank you @YouFactTech
yobeanboy_caleb : I’m not saying this in a bad way I’m just saying he sounds like a young dr phil
Sarah Larkin : Done I liked and sudscribed
Arvydas Taparauskas : wow cool
Hi I'm Kalib : a living ad.

These Gaming PCs are a SCAM!

There are a lot of horrible pre-built PCs out there that are ripping innocent people off. This video will guide you on what to look for when deciding to buy a PC!
▶Get $100 off NZXT BLD PCs: http://nzxt.co/TechSourceExwk2020
TechSource : Who here bought one of these prebuilt PCs? Don’t lie
Edit: Turns out I was right about the gift card thing...sellers can get their accounts terminated because of this ouch.
Kurt : buying
Abel Lau : $86 is pretty good for putting all those parts together and shipping, and a warranty.
Germew Mela : u forgot windows 10
Fukurfeelings : This guy comes off as a smug asshole. You think someone who doesnt have any pc knowledge is getting ripped off by spending an extra 200$ bucks maybe? The rip offs are the prebuilts they sell in stores honestly there are some terrible choices out there this one isnt even a bad deal. And if you arent so tech savy that you wanna build your own pc u probably dont need more power then what you get out of this one. Majority of people are gunna use it for a few games/ social media/ entertainment. And this will do perfectly fine for all of those.
the pro gamer 1009 : I like your channel
the pro gamer 1009 : I'm happy I have a computer it's windows 10 it's a good computer it's not a gaming one but still works good maby later I will upgrade it to the new gaming computer and a table and a gaming chair and some rgb lights
the pro gamer 1009 : Hi this is a very very good Chanel I subscribed to your channel I have a gaming setup I use a normal computer and my old table I need some lights a table and a gaming pc 2020 maby later I will buy those stuff
trinity saga : I love the part in which edgar uses hide the pain Harold meme for the reviews
Exoticzz Psycho : Why are they bribing us with gift cards to un experienced user there literally abusing the inexperienced users whyyy?!

Gaming Mouse, Monitor, Equipment & PC Buyers Guide for Valorant (CSGO) by FPS Coach (PRO Player)

★ What Mouse, Keyboard and Headset are the best for FPS Games? Which Gaming Monitor to buy? Is 144hz Monitor that important? Should you buy 144hz or 120hz, 165hz, 240hz, 360hz?! Which Gaming Chair or Desk to buy? On which things should you focus on when purchasing a new PC Setup? What are my minimum recommendations for Valorant, CSGO and other FPS Games?! Today, your favorite Valorant Radiant Player and FPS eSports PRO (Coach) is going to give an answer on all of these questions!

My Gear:
- Gaming PC: https://kit.co/Charla7an/charla7an-s-gaming-pc
- Studio Equipment: https://kit.co/Charla7an/charla7an-s-studio-equipment
- Gaming Peripherals: https://kit.co/Charla7an/charla7an-s-gaming-peripherals

You can submit your Valorant VODs (ranked/unrated/custom/scrim/round) for review here: https://forms.app/form/5f5aaf7a0a9e32499a3f039d

♦ Website (merch, coaching \u0026 more): https://www.charla7an.com
♦ Twitch (LIVE): https://www.twitch.tv/charla7an
♦ Discord (Tricks7ers hangout \u0026 VOD Reviews): https://discord.gg/54pTZhz
♦ Twitter (edgy jokes, announcements \u0026 truth): https://twitter.com/Charla7an101
♦ Instagram (shred \u0026 flex): https://www.instagram.com/charla7angram/
♦ Facebook (???): https://www.facebook.com/charla7an
♦ Reddit (memes \u0026 knowledge): https://www.reddit.com/user/Charla7an

JOIN TRICKS7ER'S COMMUNITY: https://www.youtube.com/c/Charla7an?sub_confirmation=1
⭐ JOIN YOUTUBE MEMBERS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7BbRccnD432c3AADwFq1VQ/join

➥ VALORANT TUTORIALS AND GUIDES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMFdpgvJgKb4OtW7S2QWomLfeXaA3F_MA


➥ Best AIM LAB Tasks for Valorant (CSGO \u0026 FPS Games):

► You have some business and partnership inquiries?
Contact me @ biz.charla7an@gmail.com

⏳ Video Timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
1:39 - PC Setup impact on your Performance
3:00 - Mouse Recommendation
5:56 - Headset Recommendation
7:03 - Importance of High Refresh Monitor
8:40 - Mouse Pad Recommendation
9:11 - Keyboard Recommendation
9:44 - PC Setup Recommendation
11:29 - Final Advice and Cringe Outro

- Music Credits:
• Feel Me - Kage
• Infected Mushroom - Guitarmass
• Robotaki - Automaton

#ValorantSettings #BuyersGuide #GamingSetup
Charla7an : THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR COACHING & MERCH: https://charla7an.com

PS. My minimum PC Setup recommendation is a bit expensive for some people; but I would personally wait and gather money to buy at least these components, rather than buying something lower! And when it comes to buying setup, focus first on PC -> Monitor -> Mouse -> Headset -> Rest of Equipment ^^
Mohd Faqrul : Good video bro
Hope more videos from you in the future
Nil patel : Charla7an I had a question my parents make me only play on Sundays so do u have any resolve to that
Gornz Gornez : Using office chairs are really better. You rock
BASHA : thank u papa charla7ano <3
Nil patel : I have a razer deathadder elite it that good and I have a acer nitro 5 2018
aleax abad : Are u anomaly
Diamondon20fps : Big fan! Again I am late cus I am studying for a test :( Great vid btw!
Arshia Azarbad : Love u Charla ;)
FruchtSafari Gonzo : i already have super god like eq and playstyle but i looove ur vids and voice man !!! keeep it up brooo !!!! <3 <3




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