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INnoVation vs Zest - Fun & Aggressive Best of Five! (TvP)

This little AlphaX tournament delivered a lot of really cool matches, including this showdown between INnoVation and Zest in the semi-finals!

Played : 20th August 2020 (Casted 18th September)
Full tournament information : https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/ITaX_Super_Series/17

Simon Riley : Inno threw the 2nd game, it was a 2 bsae to a 5 base, he should have just continued the attack and lifted his buildings
血朧 : 43:21 that widow mine took 16 army supplies, damn
이현용 : 스2는 플토가 사기라니까 진짜로,
juztin a : No mass void ray? Lol
Hoàng Lê Minh : OP terran. Buff toss pl
John Silver : Nice Bro, thank you.
Advert Slaxxor : Game 1 Zest was playing about as good as Wardi was casting.
Let's hope it improves for g2/3 :)
sirgaz : I really like that Inno has been playing more a aggressive Bio recently.
Владислав Кочетков : Zest bad game
timothy thao : The 1st game doe, marine maurader mines, thas a dope combo

Rs Zest Dinghy Review Multi Cam with Commentary

Or 'How fast is the RS Zest?'

This is what RS say about it:
Brand new compact boat that delivers more crew space and practical, enjoyable features than older generation rivals. The RS Zest replaces the RS Quba and is already a hit with training centres and families. Class leading space for two sailors, yet small enough for convenient single-handing. Instructors will love the practical design solutions engineered by our team. Rotomoulded polyethylene construction makes the RS Zest almost maintenance free – this is a boat to get you onto the water and into the wonderful world of sailing – no hassle – no end to the fun.

Get your Xero Colorado sandals here - Xero shoes- https://xeroshoes.com/go/joyridertv

for the full list of sailing instructional videos:

Joe’s Patreon Pge

Sailing gear hand picked

Or follow what’s going on

Sheila stallard : Been about 23 years since I was last sailing. So in that time as Proctor mast and booms gone bust?. Keep Safe!
Elkin Sierra : Hi Joe. I just placed a deposit on a RS Zest after doing my research, including watching several videos, including yours. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm in sailing the Zest!
Steve Ross : Joe thank you for the great video and another vote for a RS Aero video and comparing it to Laser & Zest.
cold spring : Wind in one hand water in the other you just can not beat it
Feeds Ravens : Just one note: It is not "Steckschwert" (steck = stick it in), a pivoting centerboard is a "Klappschwert", (like club with a p at the end). But forgiven when the first time out on an unknown boat with 13.17 knots.

I think in these times you sailed more than in the other seasons combined...
Jose Carlos Doblas Jimenez : hi joe,what watch do you use when you sail to see the speed and more?
dirk rooman : Nice video. Is it the same experience as on a Laser?
PT73 Personal Training : What kind of program do u use to create your footage? GoPro Studio...or something else??
Kirk Allen : This is awesome, please do more Dinghy sailing reviews! It's much more accessible for me in my area as I only have room for a topper style boat and have to travel 20-45 minutes to the the closest lakes.
Rob MacLachlan : Love your videos Joe. If only i got such reliable winds! I'd never come inside. On you videos your audio always says knots yet your graphic says MPH - so did this boat go above 12 knots or MPH? I have yet to break the 11 knot mark in my Hobie Bravo which reminded me a lot of this boat - plastic pontoons zero maintenance and set up to go in seconds.

경기마스터풋볼 vs 경기김포ZEST [한화생명 2020 FK CUP] FULL 2020.09.19

경기마스터풋볼 vs 경기김포ZEST [한화생명 2020 FK CUP] FULL 2020.09.19




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